10 things to know about Fathi Bashagha, the other Prime Minister

Appointed Prime Minister after a vote by the house of representatives in Tobruk, Fathi Bashagha is expected to succeed Abdulhamid Dabaiba. But the latter, who is still recognised by the UN, has no intention of giving up his position.

1. Former interior minister 

This early revolutionary with rectangular glasses served as interior minister during Fayez al-Sarraj’s government of national accord.

As such, he was at the forefront when Tripoli forces resisted Khalifa Haftar’s offensive in April 2019.

2. Ambitious

Fathi Bashagha has been very open about his desire to play a leading role in the Libya of tomorrow. This aspiration once put him at odds with Sarraj, who tried to sack him.

3. Misrata

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