Arizona couple sentenced to prison for using ‘elaborate’ RV setup to sell fentanyl near Mitchell – Mitchell Republic

MITCHELL — Two Arizona residents who were using an RV as an “elaborate drug use facility” in the presence of their child while parked at a campground near Mitchell were sentenced Tuesday to prison.

Jamie Bosone, 37, and Daniel Smythe, 38, both of Mesa, Arizona, were each sentenced to serve roughly three-and-a-half years in prison — a significant reduction from the decade each faced before suspensions and credits.

During Tuesday’s sentencing hearing, Judge Chris Giles characterized Bosone and Smythe’s drug operation as “one of the more complex and organized drug use situations” he’s seen.

“The best way to describe this is that it’s a highly unusual situation. How you acquired these drugs was elaborate,” Giles said during Smythe’s sentencing. “All this was in an environment where you had your young son and elderly mother inside.”

Bosone and Smythe were apprehended by police in April, after someone called police to report they had locked a “frail” woman out of an RV at Betts Campground on a cold, windy day.

Upon arrival, police were able to locate multiple varying forms of fentanyl on Smythe’s person, and acquired a search warrant for the RV. Inside, investigators found and seized eight grams of fentanyl, under two ounces of marijuana, a digital scale as well as “several pieces” of marijuana and other narcotic paraphernalia.

Authorities later determined Bosone and Smythe were on a cross-country RV trip with their 4-year-old child and Bosone’s mother.

According to Davison County State’s Attorney Jim Miskimins, Bosone and Smythe were purchasing opioids, oxycodone and fentanyl online and also mailing drugs through an elaborate process.

Miskimins provided more details of the conditions the child and Bosone’s elderly mother were living in while in the RV. He said the two would “crush pills” and other drugs in front of the child and Bosone’s mother.

“There was constant grinding of pills. The child was exposed to those dangerous items, not to mention fentanyl being in the trailer,” Miskimins said, adding allegations he learned via letters that the couple used the child as “a pawn” in their drug operation.

As part of a plea agreement to reduce the original roughly 60-year sentence the pair faced, prosecutors offered to dismiss multiple charges — including elder abuse, child abuse and other felony offenses — in exchange for a guilty plea.

Both Bosone and Smythe pleaded guilty to possession of fentanyl and keeping a place for use or sale of a controlled substance in May.

During Bosone’s sentencing, Giles said her “lack of compassion and concern for her own mother” is one element of the case that bothered him the most.

“There is a lack of remorse,” Giles told Bosone, who did not speak during her hearing.

Smythe, however, took the opportunity to acknowledge to Giles that he and Bosone were “acting recklessly.”

“I want to thank law enforcement and the court for interviewing and avoiding a catastrophe,” Smythe said, without emotion.

Miskimins argued the couple “throwing an elderly woman” out of the RV was a clear demonstration of an act of violence for the court to consider imposing the maximum 10-year prison sentence for both Smythe and Bosone.

In prior court appearances, the couple had asked Giles for a lighter sentence for either of them so one could appear before the Department of Social Services to obtain custody of their child, who has since been placed into the state’s foster care system. Miskimins vehemently opposed their requests, citing the nature of the crimes.

Bosone will serve her sentence at the South Dakota Women’s Prison in Pierre, while Smythe will serve his at the South Dakota State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls.

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