Burglar returns for keys after swiping cash from doughnut HQ


A man was caught on surveillance video breaking into a California doughnut shop — and then returning later for his keys.

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A man accused of breaking into the headquarters of a Bay Area doughnut shop and stealing cash to leave his keys behind at the scene, local media reported.

The burglary, which took place at around 8:30 p.m. on July 25, was captured on surveillance video. The video, shared on Facebook by the San Rafael Police Department, shows a man walking around the headquarters of Johnny Donuts.

A longer video that the department posted on YouTube shows the man rummaging around the office. Craig Blum, the owner of Johnny Donuts, said the man “kind of looks lost” and that he doesn’t know who he is, KRON 4 reported.

Blum told KRON 4 that the man took some money from the office before leaving.

The video then shows the man returning to search for a set of keys, which he finds.

After finding them, he also took a set of keys to a truck that Blum owns, but left the truck itself behind, The Associated Press reported.

Now, police are seeking the public’s help in identifying the man, they said on Facebook. They’re also trying to determine why Johnny Donuts was targeted, The AP reported.

“It was an unfortunate incident, but we’re glad no doughnuts or team members were harmed,” Blum told The AP. “Sometimes even the thought of a doughnut makes you do crazy things.”

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