Gabon players kick Sports minister out of dressing room over bonuses – Sports Africa

Gabon Sports minister Franck Nguema was reportedly kicked out of the dressing room by angry players after their match against Comoros in the ongoing Afcon tournament in Cameroon on Monday.

What should have been a celebratory moment in Cameroon turned into a bitter one for Nguema with players demanding their unpaid allowances.

Even before the Panthers’ 1-0 victory of Comoros, the players have voiced their discontent over unpaid allowances but matters came to ahead after the game when Nguema and another government official Ossouka Raponda tried to congratulate the players.

Having been assured that they would receive their allowances before kick-off, the players were in no mood for the “high fives” and decided take matters into their own hands.

The players are reported to have abandoned their first training camp in Dubai over the matter but were reassured that they will be paid before their first match in Afcon.

And in a twist to the story, the Gabonese government is said to have told the players and technical staff they could not paid paid because the funds have been stolen.

So what next in this African football soap opera? Wil the Panthers continue playing in the hope they will be paid later, or will they down their tools completely?

Only time will tell.

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