Gary Neville savages Boris Johnson over Christmas party in Downing Street

Boris Johnson has been slammed by former footballer Gary Neville for allegedly holding a party in Downing Street while covid restrictions were in place last Christmas.

The ex-Manchester United defender took to social media to vent his anger at the Prime Minister who has come under pressure over the gatherings during the festive period.

Political parties from all sides have been criticising the Conservative government since the story was broken by our sister paper, The Mirror, early last week.

At Prime Minister’s Questions Johnson failed three times to deny Downing Street hosted boozy parties in the run up to last Christmas.

Labour leader Keir Starmer said Johnson was “taking the public for fools” if he though they would believe his claim that no rules were broken at the two events.

Earlier this morning policing minister Kit Malthouse took to the airwaves to say he believes Downing Street’s assurances that any Christmas party held in No 10 last year would have complied with the rules

Neville tweeted to his 4.8 million followers: “Are we really going to let this Number 10 party go? No chance! Last Xmas was a misery.

“Listening to him standing up there telling us what we couldn’t do.

“Families not seeing each other, loved ones dying alone.

“Whilst him and his cronies party in a tax payer funded residence!”

In a separate tweet Neville urged other political parties to keep the microscope on the Tories, he said: “Hi @UKLabour, @LibDems, @theSNP.

“Drop everything you’re doing and concentrate on accountability on this Party and the MP’s lying to defend him. Enough!”

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