Gas costs trickle down for first time in weeks

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The common value for a gallon of fuel in Rhode Island is again under $5, in response to AAA.

After a few months, fuel costs are lastly beginning to come again down, at the least by a bit of bit.

The common value in Rhode Island is down 5 cents from final week to $4.97 per gallon. In Massachusetts, the common value fell 4 cents to $5 per gallon.

“Finally some relief! For the first time in nine weeks, gasoline prices have fallen, following a broad sell-off in oil markets last week, pushing the national average back under the $5 level with most states seeing relief at the pump,” stated Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum evaluation at GasBuddy.

According to GasBuddy, as of Sunday, the most affordable fuel station in Rhode Island noticed a value of $4.69 per gallon, whereas the costliest value was $5.39 per gallon. That’s a distinction of 70 cents per gallon.

The nationwide value for a gallon of fuel has additionally fallen again under $5 to a median of $4.98, in response to AAA.

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