Heat & Humid This Weekend

Rest of the evening, fog. Reduced visibility and a DENSE FOG ADVISORY has been issued for in a single day and early Saturday.  A muggy evening. Upper 50s and low 60s.

Skycast Tonight 2

Saturday, early fog, afternoon solar. Big distinction with temps for the realm. Upper 60s R.I. Beaches, round 80° inland. Humid.  Saturday evening, cloudy. A spot bathe late, areas of fog. Low 60s.

Mass Gis Cutout Ri Gis Cutout Pollen Forecast Beach Scene Forecast 2

Sunday, a mixture of solar and clouds. Upper 60s R.I. Beaches, mid to higher 70s for all different areas. Still humid. Sunday evening, remoted showers and cloudy. Around 60°.

Monday, afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Humid. Mid to higher 70s. Monday evening, night showers. Less humid by morning. Low 50s.

Tuesday via Friday, sunny and good. 70°-75 throughout the day, round 50° at evening.

ABC6 Chief Meteorologist, Jeff Desnoyers

Email: jdesnoyers@abc6.com

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