High Bank Nationals impress in their debut

BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — The Huset’s High Bank Nationals wrapped up on Saturday and the inaugural event couldn’t have scripted it any better, with Saturday’s finale coming down to the final lap. And if you thought this year’s event was a hit, wait until you hear what the track has in store next.

With a $100,00 on the line, the Huset’s High Bank Nationals featured one of the best finishes to a race you’ll ever see. Sheldon Haudenschild went from 6th place to 1st in the final 4 laps, using a double pass on the high line in the final lap to secure the checkered flag.

“We built a lot of momentum, especially with the finish we had Saturday night. I mean, that has been the talk of the racing community the last couple days, just seeing that finish, it built a lot of excitement,” Huset’s General Manager Doug Johnson said.

The High Bank Nationals provided a format that gave local drivers a chance to compete against the best of the best.

“That’s the most exciting part and that’s what fans want to see, is just give everyone a chance. Throughout the week it kind of spread it out and everybody, like I said at the end of the night, the cream rose to the top and we had an awesome finish,” Johnson said.

For Huset’s it was a chance to showcase their track and they’ve certainly built up future interest.

“I mean the feedback has been tremendous. Just in the last 24 hours it’s, we can’t keep up. It’s pretty much all we did Monday was just answer emails and phone calls. It’s a good problem to have,” Johnson said.

The $100,000 grand prize was the largest payout in South Dakota history.

“This was Todd’s vision kind of all along, to build this into one of the premier events in the entire country,” Johnson said.

On Saturday, Huset’s announced that the High Bank Nationals would return next year, but will be even bigger.

“You know then we kind of met Saturday morning and made the decision that we’re going to pay $250,000 to win and make it the highest paying sprint car race in history here for the High Bank Nationals,” Johnson said.

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