It’s time to get rid of this clown Boris Johnson – Record View

David Davis’s plea to Boris Johnson to “in the name of God, go” carried the dramatic echo of previous historic calls for leaders to step down.

But the Brexiteer’s cry also caught the immediacy of the situation facing the nation.

The United Kingdom cannot limp on with a useless Prime Minister who is embroiled more in plots to save his own skin than getting the country back on its feet.

The case for getting rid of Boris Johnson hardly needs rehearsing again. In short, he is an imbecilic chancer with no interest in anyone except his own advancement.

Boris Johnson leaving 10 Downing Street
Boris Johnson leaving 10 Downing Street

He is a morally bankrupt cheater, a liar, and he has been caught red-handed breaking the Covid rules he set for the rest of us.

Johnson will be dragged kicking and screaming from 10 Downing Street.

He will not do the decent thing and resign.

What he will do is say and do anything to cling on to power – so it is up to Tory MPs to act and depose this liability of a leader.

David Davis called for Boris Johnson to resign
David Davis called for Boris Johnson to resign

If they don’t move to replace Johnson, they will have endorsed his appalling behaviour in office.

Beyond surviving, the Prime Minister has no plan except to borrow more time.

But this political soap opera has to come to an end, and for all of us it has to come quickly.

The Tory backbenchers should do the right thing and get rid of this clown now.

This Government just doesn’t care

We don’t need to wait until the massive rise in heating costs and a national insurance tax hike land in April to recognise we have a cost of living crisis.

It is already here in spiralling prices, stagnating wages and massive leaps in inflation. But there are things that could be done to make a difference.

The Government could drop VAT on fuel bills, but will not.

It could expand the warm homes grant, but looks unwilling to do so.

It could tax the oil and gas giants who make massive profits and now earn more in government subsidy than they pay in UK taxes.

It could heed calls from trade unions and others to pay proper wages to match the rising cost of living.

This rudderless government could do all and any of these things but its inaction shows just how much it cares about the millions struggling to make ends meet.

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