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Jack DeVine is right to level out in his column on Jan. 27 that within the 2020 election sweeping modifications in voting procedures led to “substantial increase in voter turnout.” Top amongst his issues was a doubling of ballots submitted by mail (lengthy a technique supported by Republicans). High voter turnout? Who might ask for something extra? So why then does he assume we should always roll again these enhancements? Despite ferocious efforts by Republicans to show that election was fraudulent, no issues giant sufficient to overturn the election’s outcomes have been discovered. And that features mail-in ballots.

He can also be flawed to say the proposal in Congress would “nationalize” elections. They would nonetheless be managed on the state-based native precinct degree. But their procedures could be standardized a lot in the identical method because the Interstate Commerce Commission standardizes business processes all through the varied states of our nation.

As to his different level, how ridiculous is it for him to problem a change to filibuster guidelines. This even supposing within the final election a majority composed of Democrats and moderates repudiated the conservative Republican president (51% to 47% within the fashionable vote). The identical fashionable vote, unaffected by partisan gerrymandering, which might have elected in South Carolina three Democratic congressional representatives (based mostly on the 43% of the presidential vote given to the Democratic candidate).

Peter DeLorme


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