LibDems squirm as former leader Sir Vince Cable appears with Alex Salmond on ‘Putin propaganda’ channel

THE Liberal Democrats have condemned their former leader for appearing on the same Kremlin  TV channel the party condemned as a pro-Putin propaganda outlet.

Sir Vince Cable, who led the UK LibDems from 2017 to 2019, apeared on the RT channel’s Alex Salmond Show this morning as Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine.

The half-hour interview saw Sir Vince promote his new book, Money and Power.  

Scottish LibDem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton called his decision “entirely wrong”. 

The appearance came just a day after Scottish LibDem MP Jamie Stone condemned Mr Salmond in the House of Commons for continuing to appear on RT.

Mr Stone said it was an “absolute disgrace” that the former First Minister and advisor to the Queen was on a network “that exists to parrot pro-Putin propaganda”.

Later, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton called for Mr Salmond’s status as a Privy Councillor to the Queen to be revoked because of his link to the “Russian propaganda broadcaster RT”.

However the strong criticism from the LibDems did not prevent Sir Vince from appearing on the same channel today.

Although live coverage of Russia’s invasion replaced the usual 730am showing of Mr Salmond’s show, the pre-recorded programme was aired online.

Facing criticism and accusations of hypocrisy, Mr Cole-Hamilton tweeted: “Vince Cable is a private citizen and no longer a LibDem parliamentarian, but his appearance on Salmond’s RT show this morning was entirely wrong. 

“So too is Salmond’s continued association with this agent of a hostile power.

“No elected Scottish Liberal Democrat will appear on RT.”

It is unclear when the programme was recorded, although it is often done on a Wednesday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is today facing worldwide condemnation for ordering a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, with air and ground attacks across the country of 44million people.

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