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As the 2022 Masters Tournament welcomes patrons again , the road to get into the merchandise store has been predictably slammed.

Twisting and turning, the rows of individuals ready to get inside Friday resembled a snake. Upon getting into, the grounds have been filled with folks making an attempt to get their official Masters merchandise.

Augusta National Golf Club is the one place to purchase licensed merchandise with the enduring Masters emblem, with many individuals walked round with notepads or printouts of orders they’ve obtained from those that could not attend.

Jeff Biddle, of Aiken, mentioned he waited some time in line to get inside, and that there appeared to be extra folks this yr.

“(It’s) hard to maneuver around there because not everybody goes in the same direction, but it’s all right,” Biddle mentioned.

Despite the variety of folks, everyone was “friendly and cordial,” mentioned Kim Davis, hailing from Montgomery, Alabama.

“There’s so much to choose from, and you just have to decide what you really want,” Davis mentioned.

Davis’s remark wasn’t an understatement, as one may simply spend hours inside poring over all the things the shop has to supply. There’s one thing for everybody: polos, T-shirts, hats, chairs, cups, pullovers and anything the center may want.

This is the second Masters Davis has attended, and her first since 2011. She mentioned she did not bear in mind the store being fairly as huge again then.

“Apparently, they have expanded enormously, which even makes for a greater shopping experience,” Davis mentioned.

The new and improved merchandise store opened in 2018.

Tim Kenny, of Ireland, mentioned he had a “phenomenal” expertise, making an attempt to get as a lot as he may with out spending an excessive amount of cash.

Pat Kenny, additionally of Ireland, mentioned this was his first time at Augusta National, and he was having a “super” time.

“(The shop’s) busy, but everybody moves through the different sections, which is good,” he mentioned.

The staff inside additionally assist with the organized chaos, working the store like a well-oiled machine. They direct the visitors on the checkout line in order that there is no delays, and everybody can get out and in in a well timed method.

Not all the things had a rosy outlook. Earlier within the week, Fred Ridley, chairman of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament, mentioned some provide chain points have been encountered this yr, as has been a latest nationwide pattern.

“It’s really just a matter of planning, more advance planning; and, fortunately, we have been able to manage that,” Ridley mentioned.

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