Michael Shemtov launches Bee Fund, Ma’am Saab and Malika to be first recipients

Local meals and beverage entrepreneur Michael Shemtov has added one other undertaking below his belt to assist fellow restaurateurs, cooks and people within the meals and beverage neighborhood. Shemtov has partnered with BLAKE, a small PR firm that tells tales “responsibly, with context and confidence” to construct nationwide model consciousness for smaller restaurateurs and cooks via The Bee Fund.

Local entrepreneur Michael Shemtov expands his meals and beverage neighborhood philanthropy with The Bee Fund 

“I know folks who could benefit from PR but don’t necessarily have the contacts or maybe don’t have the budget to spend on it,” Shemtov stated. “One of the things that I try to think about is, if we’re going to do something, how can it benefit not just the people that we’re lucky enough to know, but the wider community?”

The Bee Fund is providing recipients an opportunity to construct a nationwide fame and share their story. Every six months, BLAKE and Butcher & Bee will select from a pool of candidates “who can come from anywhere geographically and anywhere in the food world — from food cart operators to emerging CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands to system disruptors and everything in between and beyond.” The chosen recipient will then work with BLAKE for six months, constructing model recognition and consciousness. 

BLAKE has labored with shoppers who’ve landed in Bon Appetit Top 10, Esquire’s Best New Restaurant in America record and helped name-changing manufacturers like spice firm Diaspora Co. and Chinese sauce and dumpling model Fly By Jing. 

“We tend to work in a pretty fluid and agile way,” stated BLAKE proprietor Blake MacKay. ”I wish to work with shoppers who aren’t type of, , huge or chained or company or something like that.” 

To that finish, the primary recipient of The Bee Fund are locals Maryam Ghaznavi and Raheel Gauba of Malika in Mount Pleasant and soon-to-be-open Ma’am Saab downtown. Their Pakistani delicacies has taken Charleston by storm. 

“We felt like we had somebody who just was a perfect candidate with a great story, with something new,” stated Shemtov. “This sort of fit exactly the business that we wanted to help lift up and promote.”

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