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When it comes to moving homes, no matter how far you go, it can be a stressful time for all involved. According to Zillow, research shows that moving can be one of the most stressful life events for all.

From deciding on a place to live and making an offer to packing, sorting, donating, renting a truck, unloading, and making yourself at home; the process of moving has many steps and may disrupt day-to-day life for a while. We can help you with that!

Whether you’re preparing to live in the Lowcountry or are entering the moving process in general, here are a few tips and tricks to make it easier on yourself:

1. Plan ahead

Plan ahead for making the big move. This means booking movers far in advance, preparing for storage arrangements if necessary, and setting time aside to pack. Something as monumental as a move may seem far in advance when you are making moving arrangements, but it could sneak up on you. Reduce your stress pre-moving day and set a plan ahead of time.

2. Consider hiring packers

Did you know that you can hire people to pack up for you? That’s right, you can now hire both movers and packers to make your life much easier come moving day. Typical packing services include talking through a rundown of what you need packed, providing boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape and markers, and letting the packers have at it.

If you have the means to consider this, schedule an appointment with your packers a few days before the move. Make sure to let them know if there is anything in your home that you do not want packed, because they’ll truly get it done.

3. Rent a truck

Renting a U-Haul or moving truck may seem like a last-minute detail to add to your moving agenda, but it’s one less thing to worry about if you rent in advance. Tip: rent a larger truck than you’re anticipating that you’d need. It’s always nice to have the extra space.

If you’re planning on picking up any additional furniture around your moving day, try to schedule this on the day of your move so you can use the truck to get the furniture and won’t have to worry about renting a vehicle twice.

4. Have the correct equipment

Make sure to have the correct equipment prepared before your moving day. Whether you’re hiring movers or are moving yourself with friends or family, it’s necessary to have a hand truck for moving furniture, industrial blankets to make sure your furniture stays intact in the moving truck, boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, scissors, tape, markers, and more for packing and efficiently moving your boxes. Make sure to have plenty of these materials and save your receipts in case you need to return anything after the move is done.

5. Don’t do it alone

If you live by yourself or are moving to your own home, make sure that you aren’t handling the move on your own. Transporting dozens of boxes and furniture is impossible to do as one person, so it’s crucial to either hire a team of movers ahead of time or make sure your friends and family are available to help you.

However, also make sure to give everyone plenty of notice before moving day. This event is not something to coordinate at the last minute! Your friends and family are likely to help you because they care about you, but it may be polite to offer them a free meal in exchange for their effort.

6. Turn on utilities

It may seem obvious, but don’t let utilities slip your brain during the moving process! It will be important to have your power, water, WiFi, etc set up for yourself before moving into your new home. This matters for homes, apartments, condos, town homes, you name it. Don’t move in and realize that you forgot to schedule your power to turn on! Make sure to shut off utilities at your old residence, as well.

7. Pay outstanding charges

Make sure that you have handled all outstanding charges for your old residence and your new residence before moving in. This may be closing costs, a security deposit, a pet fee, a fee to the Homeowners’ Association, etc. You won’t want to deal with these fees or charges before you can move in and get settled, so have it in order before the big day comes.

8. Secure a parking situation

If you’re moving into a condo, apartment, town home, or any sort of residence that does not include a large driveway; sort out a parking situation before moving. This will help you plan where to park the moving truck, where to tell your movers to park, and where you can park to unload your boxes and furniture. It’ll save you time and energy on the moving day to make sure this detail is taken care of.

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