My Dream Dinner, 6/20 – Charleston City Paper

Good associates, good meals and double dessert

Jenny Schwab needs her dream dinner to encompass a get-together together with her finest lady associates to bask in decadent drinks and dessert, a refreshing appetizer and a dreamy entree.

DREAM DINNER GUESTS: “My gal-pal group: Stephanie, Kim and Julie!”

DRINK: Sol’s Shake from Halls Chophouse. “Hall’s Sol Shake is a dessert and cocktail in one! … It’s like a boozy milkshake and no matter how stuffed I am, I can never turn one of these down.”

APPETIZER: Beet salad from Burton’s Grille. “Burton’s Grille is a gem in Mount Pleasant. The beet salad is built more like a circular castle and consists of beets, pecans, goat cheese, then topped with a light vinaigrette and garnished with greens.”

ENTREE: Short rib gnocchi from The Obstinate Daughter. “The Obstinate Daughter’s short rib gnocchi is what dreams are made of. I cannot describe to you how ridiculously delicious this entree is. My friend and I ordered this on a whim and we still talk about it. Delicious short rib on top of pillows of homemade gnocchi. You’re welcome.”

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