My Dream Dinner winner, 6/27

Fancy cocktails and dinner with celebrities


Lori Smith of Hanahan would like to get together with her daughter and two iconic women for her dream dinner, which consists of a seafood appetizer, indulgent short rib entree and refreshing dessert all paired with a fruity cocktail

DREAM DINNER GUESTS: “My daughter, Audrey Hepburn and Betty White.”

DRINK: Nothing Else Com Pears from MOMO. “[This cocktail is] refreshing, fruity and thirst quenching all while experiencing a beautiful view!”

APPETIZER: Lump crab gnocchi from The Establishment. “Delicious and just enough crab to get a good taste, but not overpowering.”

ENTREE: Beef short rib from Summerville restaurant Myles and Jun Yakitori. “The beef short ribs are so tender and flavorful. This dish melts in your mouth.”

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