Mysterious bunker present in Michigan woods

TYRONE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — About a mile hike into the Rogue River State Game Area, hidden within the forest, any individual not too long ago constructed a bunker, full with a bolstered wall and sandbags.

“It is a mystery,” mentioned the Kent County man who found the bunker on Friday and instantly tried reporting it to authorities.

He didn’t wish to be recognized, he mentioned, in case it was created by a militia group, probably as a personal coaching grounds.

“It looks like it might be more of a militia, military-type of thing to me,” he mentioned.

It’s not simple to search out. The bunker is about 50 yards off a slim path, below a cover of pines, maples and oaks and on a hill overlooking Spring Creek, which runs away from Spring Lake to the northeast. The path begins on Red Pine Drive, north of 18 Mile Road NE, northeast of Kent City.

On Monday, the Kent County man virtually couldn’t discover it when he led Nexstar’s WOOD again into the woods. It’s so distant that cellphone GPS wasn’t working.

“It doesn’t belong here,” he mentioned. “It’s state land and it’s an illegal structure here.”

It seems the bunker was constructed not too long ago and would possibly nonetheless be below building, with a number of freshly reduce down bushes lined up on the bottom close by. It’s about 15-by-15 toes and virtually 3 toes deep.

“It looks like there’s a place to rest your elbow all the way around it for steadying your aim for shooting,” he mentioned.

Sandbags stacked two excessive, about 70 in all, kind an outer perimeter. About two dozen extra sandbags are in a nook of the bunker.

“The sandbags, you don’t need them for paint ball. You don’t need them for a deer blind. It looks like they’re to stop incoming bullets. It’s on a hill. There ain’t going to be a flood here.”

Two of the partitions are bolstered with intertwined branches. There’s a fireplace pit within the center.

“It bothers me,” he mentioned. “It looks like it was built for a purpose and it looks like a lot of effort went into it.”

He mentioned he referred to as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which referred him to the FBI, which referred him to native police. He mentioned he then referred to as the Michigan State Police, which despatched him to the Kent County Sheriff’s Department, which referred him to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Even if it had been a deer blind, the DNR mentioned it could be unlawful since you’re not allowed to chop down bushes or alter the land.

He hoped police would arrange path cams to catch the offender. Instead, he mentioned, the DNR informed him it deliberate to dismantle the bunker.

“I would think they would want to do some sort of investigation, try to figure out who did this and what their idea was behind it,” he mentioned. “To not investigate it seems like a missed opportunity with everything going on nowadays.”

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