Namibia: Volleyball MOU Delay Causes Headache

THE Namibia Volleyball Federation (NVF) president Hillary Imbuwa says the long-awaited memorandum of understanding (MOU) with their Moroccan counterpart is far from seeing the light of day due to delays following talks in December 2019.

The process was passed on to the attorney general and then the deputy director of sport Jo-Ann Manuel, he says.

The NVF communicated with Manuel’s office, only to be informed that it will be finalised “very soon”.

This follows similar promises in the past which never came to fruition, Imbuwa says.

The MOU was referred to the attorney general office for political backing but it has since been two to three years of inaction.

Due to it being an international matter, the process had to go through the attorney general, sports ministry and the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC).

“If the MOU gets finalised, we will be able to send the envisaged national teams, administrators and technical staff to Morocco, but if is is not finalised, we will look at the MOU and see which programmes can we implement in the areas of cooperation,” Imbuwa says.


Namibia has had no national senior volleyball teams over recent years, which has been a headache for Imbuwa.

When looking at the leagues, the crop of players are aged between 19- and 25-years-old, an age group the international volleyball body would be willing to support in terms of the development programme.