Nation singer Aaron Watson takes a break from music

BIG COUNTRY, Texas (BigCountryHomepage.com) – Texas nation music sensation, Aaron Watson, shall be taking a break from music for some time. Strain on his vocal cords has pulled the Abilene Christian University alumnus away from Watson’s tour for his newest album, “Red Bandana.”

Watson posted an explainer vlog-style video to his Facebook web page Wednesday, the place he detailed why he needed to take a break.

“Before my Billy Bob’s show a few weeks back, I was really struggling singing,” Watson defined by means of a loud whispered voice. “But I did what I’d always done… And I just plowed through.”

The singer-songwriter stated he was experiencing ‘excruciating pain’ after his present in Fort Worth on April 16, and noticed a health care provider soonafter.

Singer-songwriter and Abilene Christian University alumnus Aaron Watson will headline a live performance at ACU Nov. 7 as the primary occasion of Christmas Around the World, a two-week-long celebration sponsored by the Student Government Association and the International Students Association.

“He looked at my throat and he was like, ‘man, you need to take, probably, this weekend off,’” Watson stated. “He’s like, ‘this is how you can do further damage to your vocal cords- if you don’t take it easy.’”

Watson stated he did take a while to go silent and drink scorching liquids with honey, however was feeling higher so he felt effectively sufficient to play his subsequent present in Arkansas. While that present did, purportedly, go effectively, his subsequent present in Denver, Colorado didn’t.

“We had a sold out show at the Grizzly Rose, and right in the middle of the show… My voice just seized up on me,” Watson defined. “Trying to sing felt like swallowing glass; I couldn’t sing loud or hit any- any high notes.”

The nation music star’s band chimed in to assist Watson get by means of his set on the Grizzly Rose.

“The boys in the band sang the choruses,” Watson stated. “I was kind of whispering my way through the choruses and it was painful.”

Watson stated he needed to cancel his subsequent present in Border, Colorado, which hit him notably arduous.

“Y’know, I’m a panhandle boy, Border’s not far from where I grew up, so I hated bailing out on my hometown, friends and family,” Watson whispered.

After his Denver present, Watson stated he noticed a specialist Monday in Dallas. In the video, Watson informed his followers that the specialist was involved, however surgical procedure was not within the books- just a few much-needed break day.

“This is the first time in my career that I’ve ever canceled shows due to my voice. Y’know, I just plow through it,” Watson continued to elucidate. “I hate to bear the bad news, but I won’t be playing my show in Pewter or Christoval next week.”

The singer stated his subsequent out-of-state reveals, over the following few weeks, will even be canceled whereas he heals.

Ending on a word of humor, “the thing the doctor told me to do, which is gonna be a struggle, is- he told me that I can’t yell at my kids,” Watson chuckled. “So, keep me in your prayers.”

Aaron Watson stated he and his workforce will work in the direction of rescheduling reveals, and he hopes to be on tour once more quickly.

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