New dream pop single from Grace Joyner

Local various artist Grace Joyner simply dropped her latest single “Lioness.”

On the heels of the stripped again, synth organ ballad, “Vampira,” that Joyner launched in January this yr, “Lioness,” is a bit of bit like a ‘50s dance tune infused together with her signature melancholic timbre. 

Over a low finish baritone guitar line, Joyner’s lyrics don’t maintain again: “Guess that my existence makes it difficult for you to cope with what you’ve done in your life. Well I will not apologize or lower my accomplishments to put you at ease by my side.”

Joyner’s inspiration for “Lioness” got here from a previous relationship that ended. Her determination to like that individual didn’t essentially finish when the connection did. Her nature was to hold on being form even when the vitality didn’t align, and she or he wasn’t going to permit negativity to alter that.  

“I like to think it’s sort of like a feminist song — sometimes people come into your life and for whatever reason your whole existence challenges them,” Joyner instructed City Paper. “It’s meant to be like: I’m taking my power back in this dynamic, and I’m not going to let someone else’s bullshit lower me.”

The new tune was recorded on the native studio, The Space, with Joyner on keys and Scott Dence on guitar accompanied by Wolfgang Zimmerman on drums and guitar.

“With the vocal delivery, I intentionally did the ghost background falsetto melody in some of the parts and then the rest of the lyrics are a little bit more strong. And that’s a take on the dichotomy of feeling soft and in love but also taking your power back, too. There’s many sides to everybody.”

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