New York City open for enterprise and Scots vacationers are again on the town

New York City is open for enterprise and Scottish vacationers are again on the town.

After journey disruption and uncertainty through the covid pandemic lockdowns, direct flights from Scotland to New York have resumed with the return of United Airlines’ service from Edinburgh to Newark this week.

The metropolis was the epicentre of the Covid-19 outbreak within the USA and Scots dwelling right here say though the town is recovering it’s nonetheless bruised.

Alan Heron works in hospitality, an trade hit exhausting by the pandemic, he mentioned: “We had to get some loans just to pay the rent because we were getting no relief on that.

Alan Heron: Scot in New YorkSTV News
Alan Heron: Scot in New York

“We are still facing the challenges but we have worked really hard to get into a position where we feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Like bars in Scotland, Alan created an outside seating space to adjust to Covid restrictions.

It’s modelled on a Highland Bothy and has allowed them to spice up commerce, and related set ups will be seen throughout New York City.

“There were alot of places that went out business that were maybe on the edge anyway and the restricitons were the final nail in the coffin. There’s a different energy in the city now.”

Jamie McGeechan: Scottish musician in New York.STV News
Jamie McGeechan: Scottish musician in New York.

Scottish musician Jamie McGeechan moved from Ayr to the Missouri simply earlier than the pandemic hit.

He needed to make the transition from stay to on-line gigs however is glad to see music and excursions returning.

He mentioned: “It’s been really tough.

“I’m someone that feeds off the energy from an audience so the online thing was pretty difficult, the return of in person gigs is great, that’s the thing that makes me happy is to sing.”

He sill misses house however has discovered nice consolation within the American Scottish neighborhood and wider diaspora.

“It’s a long way from Ayr and a long way from a good fish supper but there’s such a passionate Scottish community here in the US that I’ve connected with over the past two years and that has been a great way to feel at home.”

This week marks the return of New York City’s Tartan Week for the primary time in two years and the NYC Tourism Board say it marks a turning level within the metropolis’s Covid restoration and is a key time for tourism: “It was really desolate, it was a ghost town.” 

Christopher Heywood from NYC and Company advised STV News, “NYC was the epicentre of Covid and now we are arguably one of the safest places to be.

Christopher Heywood: Times Square in New York City. STV News
Christopher Heywood: Times Square in New York City.

“We are really eager to get back to the levels we were at before the pandemic and start to rebuild this very important economic engine of tourism. People wanted to write our obituary but we didn’t let them.

“It showed the grit and resilience of NYC that only this city could display. NYC is still here, and it will come back.”

This week marks Tartan Week which showcases one of the best of Scottish heritage and tradition and hundreds come from everywhere in the world to have a good time.

It culminates within the Tartan Day Parade this Saturday, ninth of April.

National Tartan Day was declared by the U.S. Senate in 1998 to formally recognise the “excellent achievements and contributions made by Scottish Americans to the United States.

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