Nightmare gas? NERF unveils new mascot

(WXIN) – Nerf’s first-ever official mascot is leaving the web screaming with pleasure. Or perhaps simply screaming.

On Friday, the artistic minds at Nerf unveiled Murph, a mascot meant to embody the “playful spirit” of the model’s loyal prospects. And how did these minds select to convey this message? By constructing Murph out of the one logical materials they might consider: a bunch of Nerf darts.

That’s proper. Murph is a sentient pile of Nerf darts who likes to play and socialize, largely whereas pantsless.

“The launch of Murph is a testament to the success of Hasbro’s Brand Blueprint strategy and turning Nerf into the social, active play brand it is seen as today,” stated Hasbro exec Adam Kleinman in a press launch. “We are thrilled to introduce Murph to fans, a mascot that represents the playful spirit that lives inside us all and is unleashed through NERF.”

As one can think about from the photographs above, the web had loads to say concerning the new Nerf mascot.

Murph is formally described as “by far the most fun, playful and social member of the NERF team,” however some Twitter customers discovered him much less “fun” and extra “run for your life.”

“If you see this running towards you, run the other way. Fast,” wrote one Twitter consumer.

“Hasbro has unleashed a new eldritch horror upon the world,” one other joked.

Others discovered Nerf’s latest catchphrase — “Unleash the play in you” — to be eerily foreboding.

“No, no, Murph is not hunting you for sport and your delicious human meat, he is merely trying to unleash the play in you,” one consumer wrote.

Still, there have been a lot that had been extra welcoming to Murph.

“He’s perfect and my new best friend,” stated one consumer on Twitter.

“I love it. Between this and Gritty, keep giving me mascots inspired by pure eldritch madness please,” one other stated, referencing the bug-eyed mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Love him or concern him, Murph will quickly develop into unavoidable, at the very least for Nerf followers.

In addition to being featured on Nerf’s official TikTok, InstagramFacebook, and YouTube channels, Murph will quickly seem “across all NERF touchpoints,” with further plans for pop-up appearances at retail areas and through “surprise-and-delight moments,” no matter these could also be.

It’s unclear if Murph is offered on your baby’s upcoming party.

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