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Nikki Glaser feels “so emotionally connected” to Taylor Swift.

The ‘Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?’ star gushed in regards to the launch of the 32-year previous singer’s fifth studio album ‘1989’ in 2014 made her really feel “so seen” because it debuted as she “was going through a breakup” on the similar time.

The 37-year-old rise up comic informed E! News: “I was going through a breakup with this ex boyfriend when 1989 was released and I think that album coinciding with my breakup, I just had never felt so seen. I just suddenly had this artist who was writing songs for every step of my life. I’ve never been so instantly obsessed with someone and felt like I was so emotionally connected to someone.”

Nikki admitted that the pair have “similar” artistic approaches – being trustworthy about “relationships” on stage – and the way she “related” to the “incredible” Grammy winner.

She stated: “It doesn’t hurt that she’s a tall, blonde girl and we kind of look similar. Also, I kind of saw myself in her in the sense that I’m a comedian who takes to the stage and talks about men who have hurt me and my relationships and my love life. Sometimes I get people being like, ‘Oh, don’t date Nikki, she’ll talk about you.’ I related to Taylor in that way and she’s just an incredible artist.”

The humorous girl shared that ‘All Too Well’ if her favorite tune by Taylor however that she additionally had a tender spot for ‘Delicate’, which she labelled “sexy”.

Nikki stated: “My favorite is ‘All Too Well’ for sure, but if we’re gonna go besides ‘All Too Well,’ which is pretty much every Swiftie’s favorite song, I will say ‘Delicate’ is the one that I was like oh this is a new sound from her. I love that song, it’s so sexy. It felt like a very grown up mature Taylor Swift to me.”

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