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A nude protester stormed the crimson carpet at Cannes Film Festival.

The seventy fifth annual occasion is going down in French Riviera metropolis till 28 May however a unadorned lady is interrupted proceedings as stars from ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’ walked down the crimson carpet, bearing the phrases ‘Stop.Raping.Us‘ painted throughout her chest and accomplished the look with blood-red paint within the form of handprints round her underwear.

The New York Times’ reporter Kyle Buchanan shared a picture of the incident on Instagram and wrote: “the woman in front of me stripped off all her clothes (covered in body paint) and fell to her knees screaming in front of photographers..”(sic)

The reporter went on to say that the unnamed lady was unexpectedly faraway from the occasion and that organisers had stopped him from filming.

He added: “Cannes authorities rushed over, covered her in a coat, blocked my camera from filming!” (sic)

Twitter account SCUM – which describes itself as an organisation “radical feminist activists, universalist blasphemers” – later tweeted that the protest was staged on their behalf to spotlight Ukrainian ladies struggling within the conflict torn nation.

SCUM tweeted: “A SCUM activist enters the red carpet of the #Cannes2022 festival to denounce the sexual violence inflicted on Ukrainian women in the context of the war.”

‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’ is directed by George Miller and stars Tilda Swinton as an instructional who is obtainable three needs creature of purpose – performed by ‘Suicide Squad’ star Idris Elba, with the reporter happening to recommend in follow-up tweets that the motion on the crimson carpet rapidly resumed following the incident as he described what they have been sporting to the celebrated occasion.

He added: “Anyway! George Miller is here, 7 years after MAD MAX: FURY ROAD premiered at Cannes. And Idris and Tilda are wearing complementary midnight blue.”(sic)

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