Pastor ‘Mumma’ wanted cops dead! ‘Blackman’ missed home, while…

Stephanie ‘Mumma’ Christie, a St Thomas pastor and alleged key operative of the One Don faction of the Clansman gang, told reputed leader of the gang, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, that the police had approached her asking for information about him.

However, Christie indicated that she told them nothing about Bryan, and stunningly said she wanted those police officers to be murdered.

“A kill mi waan kill dem (the police), yuh soon bus off,” Christie assured Bryan in a secretly recorded telephone conversation.

‘Soon bus off’ meant that Bryan would soon be freed from jail, according to a witness at the ongoing gang trial in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston.

Another alleged top gangster, ‘City Puss’, told Bryan and Christie in the conversation that he was concerned that the gang was not carrying out killings as they should.

“We nah litter di place like how we shoulda a dweet; mek dem fine half a body… and people a wonder weh di rest a di body,” said City Puss out of seeming concern about the gang’s then diminished activities.

The developments occurred amid the trial that has Christie, Bryan and 31 other alleged gang members as accused.

The secret recording that was played in court featured Bryan, Christie, ‘City Puss’ and the former gangster-turned-state-witness.

The witness had downloaded a recording software that was given to him by the police to use cell phones to tape the conversations of the alleged gangsters.

In the four-way conversation, the reputed gang leader, who was then in custody, expressed frustration about not being at home.

In response, he was assured by Christie that he would not be charged, and he would soon be released from custody.

“Ah look mi a look fi come a mi yaad hombre,” Bryan said to Christie in the cell phone conversation.

“Yaaw come home man, yaaw come home. Dem naaw nutten pan yuh enuh,” Christie assured the alleged top gangster.

Bryan replied: “Anytime now enuh, Mumma. Done di ting done enuh, because di bwoy dem a bluff a say a try dem want try di case u zemmie.”

In another section of the recording, the raging issue of disloyalty in the One Don faction of the Clansman gang was again the topic, as was the case in prior phone conversations among the alleged gangsters.

Disloyalty by some gang members reportedly surfaced with the arrest of Bryan. The gangsters suspected that one of their own was giving vital information to the police about gang members.

Christie had indicated that she was questioned by a police investigator in relation to how Bryan had acquired his wealth and his house.

But the pastor said she brushed aside those questions and informed the officer that Bryan had no wealth, and that he lived in a rented house.

The lone female alleged gangster also told her suspected cronies that she heard that a businessman who they were extorting had been questioned by the police. She also suggested that the businessman may be the one giving information to the police.

But City Puss dismissed that suggestion, arguing that the owner of the hardware business or his employers weren’t “brite enough fi do dat”!

At that point of the recording, the witness told the court that the gangsters aligned to the One Don outfit had collected thousands of dollars in extortion money from the hardware business.

The recording then resumed, with City Puss indicating that it was possible that the police were listening in on their conversations.

The former gangster-turned-state-witness then intervened in the conversation, and tried to assure his then cronies that that was not be possible.

“If dem (the police) did a listen to wi call, dem would ah ask fi mi harder than how dem ah ask fi mi. Dem would ah ask fi mi bout di car ting,” the witness said.

City Puss was, however, not convinced, and insisted that “Smaddy ah wuk, smaddy ah wuk”.

Christie interjected once more, saying that she suspected that the police were getting information indirectly.

She admitted that if the police were getting information from their conversations, then that would be “a whole heap a sump’n”.

But City Puss was convinced that the details the police had were “direct arguments”.

Christie went on to indicate that she wanted men to go for a member of the gang who appeared to be disloyal.

City Puss informed the clergywoman that he heard that the gangster, identified by his alias ‘Mendez’, had gone to Old Harbour Road in Spanish Town, based on information he (City Puss) had received.

“Mi waah know weh him (Mendez) deh ’cause mi wah guh fi him,” Christie responded to that information.

The male witness then interjected.

“Some man from Payne Land did come fi him enuh, but di man dem coward,” he said.

“Me caan deal wid di coward people dem enuh,” said Christie.

The witness then informed that Mendez was “rolling” with an individual with the alias “Termite”.

“Mi did fi touch him (Termite) enuh, but dem shield him ’cause him an di balla fi get touch,” stated City Puss.

At that interval, Christie suggested to City Puss that, “We affi guh jump pan some work enuh”.

“We ago jump pan it man,” assured City Puss.

He then went on to profess his loyalty to Bryan, pointing out that since he joined the Clansman criminal network, Bryan was the only one who allowed him to access money from the gang to assist in securing his freedom when he got into trouble with the law.

City Puss also made several confessions of crimes while he was involved in the Clansman gang prior to the One Don breakaway emerging.

The Clansman gang was initially led by a feared gangster by the name of ‘Bulbie’, the witness said, adding that he (Bulbie) was subsequently killed.

The gang was then reportedly taken over by Tesha Miller, who is now incarcerated for accessory to murder.

“Dats why Tesha (Miller) nuh like mi; him nuh know the system like mi,” claimed City Puss.

He added: “When mi deh a jail him (Miller) overtek di programme, kill mi likkle fren dem weh mi did a programme, and send guh shoot up di police station di night when bl$%#@%%t Bulbie dead enuh.

“… And mi nuh send dem fi shoot up nuh station. Mi tell dem fi go CIB room. Three car mi send pon e road enuh. Mi tell dem fi drive a di CIB door and empty two a di bl$%#@%%t M-16 inna CIB. A mi mek dem dash weh Clank Clank father di night,” outlined City Puss.

‘Clank Clank’ was another gangster, according to the witness.

“Yuh know wah gwaan man,” said Christie in response to that criminal history lesson by the upset City Puss.

The latter then went on to lament that the One Don faction of the Clansman gang was not committing murders like they used to.

“We nah litter di place like how we shoulda a dweet; mek dem fine half a body. Anuh just head alone or headless; mek dem fine half a dem body and people a wonder weh di rest a di body,” he said.

In response, the female pastor said: “Suh wi want chap chap dem up”.

City Puss said Bryan as the only man who gave him money for his duties, while ‘Bulbie’, the slain ex-Clansman leader, gave him nothing.

“Him (Bryan) a di only bl%%$%&t man who ever gi mi money out a di Clansman system fi help free mi self. Bulbie send mi guh kill people and mi end up a prison and a man never look pon me and gimme a dollar. All mi get a visit,” the gangster stated.

At that point of the proceedings with the recording being played, Bryan shifted in the dock and muttered, “Ehhhh”.

At the end of the lengthy telephone conversation, Christie could be heard saying, “Anyway, I’m stepping back into the church”.

Bryan, along with 31 other men and one woman, are being tried under the Criminal Justice (Suppression of Criminal Organisations Act), 2014, better known as the anti-gang legislation, on an indictment with 25 counts.

The men and the woman have been charged with multiple offences, including being part of a criminal organisation, illegal possession of firearm, illegal possession of ammunition, facilitating conspiracy to murder, and facilitating arson.

The offences were allegedly committed between January 1, 2015, and June 30, 2019, in St Catherine.

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