PM urges unions to work with Government to resolve points

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, is imploring unions representing public-sector workers to work with the Government because the Administration strikes to restructure the compensation system to make it extra equitable.

Holness mentioned that whereas vigorous discussions are anticipated throughout the reclassification train, negotiations may be undertaken amicably.

“There is no need for any type of action that will dislocate the State, dislocate the growth resurgence, the recovery which is underway. It is not logical; it doesn’t make sense for us to kick over our own pail of milk. I urge reason,” Holness mentioned.

The prime minister was talking on the set up ceremony for the brand new Custos Rotulorum for St. Andrew, Ian Forbes, on the Hope Royal Botanical Gardens in St Andrew on Thursday, May 12

Holness mentioned the Government and unions have had a contentious historical past, however “since then, I believe [we have] matured and I think that we have, with all unions, developed a very good social partnership and a very good mechanism for resolving conflicts”.

Holness mentioned, for instance, throughout an analogous interval of adjustment a decade in the past, “when we had to undertake several structural reforms in our financing [and] when we entrenched fiscal discipline”, the train was executed with the assist of the unions as stakeholders and companions.

“We intend to use that similar process of negotiations and to negotiate in good faith,” the Prime Minister assured.

Reiterating the pronouncement by Finance and the Public Service Minister, Dr Nigel Clarke, throughout the 2022/23 Budget Debate, Holness mentioned that the Government, throughout the restructuring course of, is not going to undertake changes that may make anybody group “worse off”.

“The objective is still to ensure that labour… in the public service gets their fair share of the prosperity that the country is and will be experiencing in the future… . This is the Government looking on and acknowledging that these adjustments would be necessary for the efficiency of the operation of the State because the way it is now it is quite confusing in some instances, unfair in many, and absolutely inefficient,” he famous.

Holness mentioned that there was no secret reserve of sources “that if the planes stopped flying, the tourists stopped coming, our hospitals are shut down and our schools stop teaching, there is somewhere we can just go and take it up and present it”.

“It is your work that keeps the planes coming in; it is your work that keeps the water flowing; it is your work that keeps the students in schools, that grows the economy, that gives the revenues that we are now discussing how those revenues should be shared. I am talking to all Jamaicans – let us just work as one country with one vision, instead of ripping our society apart unnecessarily,” he implored.

The Prime Minister pressured that “this is not an unwilling and uncaring Government. We have gotten this far because we have been a disciplined Government; we have gotten this far because we have managed the finances of the country so well that the average Jamaican does not have to contemplate taxation, where now we are at a point where we can start to address our remuneration and labour issues”.

The public-sector compensation assessment started in April and is meant to overtake the construction of salaries and different emoluments within the public service. This train will simplify the present difficult 325 wage scales and get rid of a lot of the 185 allowances.

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