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Authorities in South Dakota have canceled an Amber Alert after locating two children believed to have been brought to South Dakota by a Canadian sex offender.

The Amber Alert originated in Canada on Monday, when authorities with Saskatchewan’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as part of an investigation, discovered 50-year-old Benjamin Moore, his common law partner and her two children were no longer at their residence.

Authorities in South Dakota issued an Amber Alert late Tuesday evening after receiving credible information that the suspect may have brought the two children, who are 7- and 8-years-old, across the international border and into the state.

According to the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), the safety of the children was believed to be in danger, and an order was in place to return the custody of the children to Canadian authorities.

South Dakota’s Amber Alert lasted roughly 90 minutes before the DCI announced the children had been located.

Though it’s uncertain where the children were recovered, the Meade County Sheriff’s Office, based in Sturgis, posted to Facebook announcing the children had been “safely recovered.”

Canadian police label Moore a sex offender

In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, approximately 10 hours before the children were located, Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Mountain Police Chief Supt. Tyler Bates said Canadian authorities have reason to believe the children were in danger.

“We believe that Luna and Hunter are in danger in the presence of Benjamin Moore and we want to locate them as quickly as possible to ensure that they’re brought home safely,” Bates said. “I can confirm that evidence was discovered … [that] before police were able to question him, Benjamin, Leah and the children had vacated their residence.”

Bates continued to add that Moore is a registered sex offender, but that he failed to provide authorities with an update to his registration, leading to a warrant being issued for his arrest.

“Benjamin Moore has a history of sexual offenses against children β€” vulnerable persons β€” and has also previously been convicted of sexual interference and possession of child pornography,” Bates said.

After the alert was issued, Bates noted that an additional report had come forward alleging abuse from Moore.

“Following the Amber Alert, one individual has reported an incident involving Benjamin Martin Moore to police. We are encouraging anyone else who may have been a victim of Benjamin Moore to file a report with police,” Bates said. “We take these matters very seriously, and we want to ensure that survivors are supported.

Canadian authorities reaffirmed that while Moore’s ties remain mostly in Canada, police still believed he was located in South Dakota.

Canadian and American authorities gave no indication in any official information releases as to where the individuals were located or if any additional criminal charges were pending.

This is a developing story. Check back with the Mitchell Republic for more information.

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