Poor wages not making cops criminals, declares Anderson

Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, has dismissed a suggestion that the perceived poor remuneration of the island’s law enforcement officials is driving them to pursue lives of crime and corruption.

“So, no, remuneration (or the lack thereof) does not turn people into criminals. They were criminals already, and we need to get all of them out of our force!” declared a militant commissioner.

His response got here towards the background of a suggestion from Jamaica Police Federation Chairman, Corporal Rohan James, that the police have been “susceptible” to prison actions due to the low wages being payed to them by the state.

James put ahead that concept in response to the current arrest of 4 law enforcement officials who have been alleged to be members of the Clarendon-based Ranko gang.

In talking at a police press convention on Tuesday, Anderson commented on the arresting and bringing of members of the police drive earlier than the courts the place proof factors to them being concerned in prison actions.

So far, 27 suspected members of the Ranko gang have been recognized, with 12 being arrested final month. Overall, eight law enforcement officials have been linked to the prison organisation.

According to the commissioner, the costs which can be more likely to come up from the actions of the Ranko gang embrace tried homicide, extortion, theft and unlawful possession of firearm.

“There is absolutely no excuse for no police officer to get involved in this. Remuneration has nothing to do with this criminal activity whatsoever. They are criminals!” Anderson asserted.

“… And in their criminal endeavours, more than likely they will make more money than we can ever pay them,” he added.

The former military boss stated there are a lot of law enforcement officials “who all get the same pay at the same levels, and the vast majority of our officers do not descend to get involved in criminal and corrupt activities.

“They work with what they’ve,” he stressed.

Anderson admitted, however, that there is the need for better “circumstances” for members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), and said efforts are being made to lobby the Government in that regard.

“The (Police) Federation has been lobbying, (and) the Police High Command has been lobbying to search for higher circumstances for our officers, and I imagine we’ll get these circumstances if what the Government has been saying is any indication.

“We will not be able to out-pay corruption and criminality, so we have to root it out as committed members of this force,” he asserted.

Meantime, Anderson pushed again towards questions surrounding public confidence and belief within the JCF, in mild of members of its personal ranks being arrested on suspicion of getting hyperlinks to and even management roles in a prison community.

“Well the recent arrest of police officers involved in the gang, to me, doesn’t suggest that we should not trust, but suggests that we should trust (the police),” he reasoned.

Continuing, he stated:  “The fact is that we as a police force investigated these gangs, found that our members were involved, included them in the arrest, and we continue to do this.

“The fact of the matter is that we’re decided, (and) we’re dedicated to ridding ourselves of law enforcement officials who’re concerned in criminality and corruption, and that may be a good factor.

“This is not another agency pointing out our errors and arresting our people,” he emphasised.

Anderson famous too, that there are members of the constabulary who guard their fame “jealousy” and have labored “diligently” all through the years, (who) are saying, “Enough of this!”

He added that, “They’re going to out their colleagues and put other members behind bars if necessary to deal with this issue of gangs.

“So, I feel that may be a actually good signal, and as we go alongside, if we’ve different members concerned – and we suspect some others (are) – we’ll proceed this means of arresting, charging and placing them earlier than the courts,” assured the police commissioner.

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