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Forty winters in the past, the two-legs rode to Possum Island within the pouches of their metallic moms. They dug a gap within the earth with a giant arduous claw, introduced choices of recent trash each day, and served their bounty to the possums. Every day was a feast day.

The two-legs stopped bringing their trash choices when the opening stuffed up. They clawed the earth again over it, and as soon as the stink dissipated and the flies moved on, it was as if the trash altar had by no means existed in any respect.

No dwelling possum remembers the feast days, and the possums don’t have a wealthy oral custom. Still, a few of them really feel instinctively that issues might be higher — that at a while, many quick generations in the past, issues truly have been higher. The creativeness can by no means be absolutely tamed.

The two-legs returned this winter with claws and metallic moms and muscular tails that reached for the sky. The earth shook beneath them, shifting a subterranean mountain of rubbish atop a long-forgotten swamp by the mouth of the river and the ocean. The possums felt the bottom transfer beneath their bellies and contemplated the thriller for a second earlier than getting again to consuming ticks.

One day, the two-legs gathered on Possum Island and made marks within the earth with little golden claws. They clapped their paws and stamped round and awakened the possums who have been sleeping in huddles behind the treeline. The possums squinted their eyes in opposition to the cloudless daylight, making an attempt to make sense of what they noticed.

There was an older possum father in these days who had seen two summers, and his eyes have been fading. Already awake in the course of the daytime due to a bout of insomnia, he was the primary to wander into the clearing with the two-legs. He sniffed the air with a pink moist nostril, whipped his tail round grabbing nothing specifically, and meandered within the normal course of the noise.

The tumult grew and the group withdrew.

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