Rob Tesmer is the brand new brewing child on the town

In the quickly altering brewing trade, it’s not unusual to undergo rising pains. Between provide chain points, inflation and a variety of competitors, Brewlab was within the hiring course of for a head brewer solely a 12 months and a half after opening. 

“The brewery was in the final stages of choosing a new head brewer when Rob Tesmer’s resume came in,” stated Tarah Gee, basic supervisor of Brewlab. I initially neglected it seeing all of his expertise was in Chicago and assuming he was nonetheless residing in Chicago. But fortunately, he reached out once more and clarified that he in truth was a latest transplant to Charleston.”

“Hard-working” and “dedicated” are simply a few phrases used to explain Tesmer. He’s devoted to his craft and knew in faculty that this was the profession path he needed to take. 

“I was finishing up my junior year of college at Eastern Illinois University and for my 21st birthday, my parents signed me up for a home brew class. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to make beer for a living. I finished up college and spent the next few years trying to get as much experience as I could so I could get my foot in the door,” he stated. 

Before transferring to Charleston, Tesmer hung out at Church Street Brewing and RAM Brewery. He additionally was a craft beer guide for Benny’s Beverage Depot. After Tesmer’s mother and father relocated to Summerville, the younger brewer discovered himself itching for a change and adopted them right here three years later. And that’s when Brewlab scooped him up. “Joe Evans (Brewlab’s owner) and I were impressed with his knowledge, work experience and his overall vibe,” she stated. 

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