Scotland’s weather: The latest forecast with temperatures set to drop across with country, with some snow expected this week

Maximum temperatures are likely to drop to single figures in many places, with some freezing temperatures overnight.

There will be a mixture of rain, sleet and snow in the north of the country due to a cold Arctic blast heading from the North Pole to Scotland.

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The cold air flow will bring temperatures to single figures with ‘feel like’ temperature being in the minus for many.

The latest forecast from the Met Office shows lower temperatures this week.

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Scotland’s weather: Plummeting temperatures to follow warm Mother’s Day sunshine

Temperatures have already started to drop for most, but that trend will continue on Tuesday, with a cloudy day for most and a band of rain gradually moving southwards from the north of Scotland heralding a change to the colder condition.

Wednesday will see freezing temperatures for many in the morning in a marked contrast to the previous week.

The north and parts of the east coast will experience wintry showers from Wednesday with afternoon temperatures of around 3-7 degrees.

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