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Simon Cowell says ‘America’s Got Talent’ will be “more exciting” this season.

The 62-year-old record executive believes they have auditioned loads of “great people” come and show their stuff to the judging panel – which is made up of Simon, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum – and will find it tricky to whittle it down to 36 contestants for the live shows, which will kick off on Tuesday (09.08.22).

Simon told PEOPLE magazine: “We had a ton of great people this year, so trying to get that number down to 36 would’ve been really difficult. In some ways we’ve made it easier by putting more people through. In other ways, we’ve made it harder because only two people per night are going to go through to the final. But I think that’s more exciting.”

This season will see 55 acts make it to five qualifying grounds and will all get the opportunity to perform live but only two out of the 11 -one chosen by the judges and one chosen by public vote – will make it through to the final each week.

Simon added: “Not knowing what’s going to happen until it happens, I think, makes it more exciting. Compared to where we were a year ago, where seven people went through per night, I didn’t feel there was much at stake, if I’m being honest.”

‘The X Factor’ creator believes the show – which will broadcast live on Tuesdays with the results show airing on Wednesday with host Terry Crews – will have a “different dynamic and energy” to previous seasons.

Simon said: “I think the Wednesday shows will have a very different dynamic and energy this year. It does put more pressure on contestants, there’s no question. But that was done so we could see more people this year.”

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