The Easter deal with you possibly can’t destroy

(NEXSTAR) — Introduced in 1953, Peeps are the polarizing Easter sweet that hold coming again 12 months after 12 months.

A tongue-in-cheek 1999 research at Emory University got down to show or disprove a pervasive rumor in regards to the sweet: that the marshmallow confections can’t be destroyed. 

The research examined the sweet beneath 4 circumstances:

  • Reaction to chilly – After being squashed with a hammer, a Peep was positioned in a bucket of liquid nitrogen — it was submerged within the -210°C nitrogen for a couple of minute — the sweet was eliminated and squashed once more with a hammer. This time, the sweet (now hardened) cracked and broke aside. Conclusion: Not simply damaged.
  • Reaction to warmth – The Peep was positioned in an autoclave (a refrigerator-sized stress cooker that may kill any dwelling micro organism or fungi) for quarter-hour. The sweet was uncovered to 10 atmospheres of stress at 350° Fahrenheit. By the tip of the quarter-hour, the Peep softened right into a “fluff” — nonetheless collectively, however gooier. Conclusion: Can take the warmth.
  • Solubility testing – Four particular person Peeps have been put into 4 separate beakers. One beaker containing water, one containing acetone, one containing sulfuric acid and one containing sodium hydroxide. The candies have been noticed for an hour and on the finish, essentially the most dramatic improvement was that the acetone turned purple as some sugar dissolved. Conclusion: Not simply dissolved.
  • “Nastier solvent” – Dissatisfied with the solubility testing, researchers determined to drop the sweet in a meaner chemical concoction. They immersed a Peep into Phenol — a protein-breaking chemical that may trigger paralysis or demise if swallowed and even put involved with pores and skin. After an hour, the Peep had principally dissolved into purple goo. But one half was not simply killed: the chick’s little black eyes have been nonetheless intact, utterly unhurt by the chemical. Conclusion: Peeps are at all times watching.
  • Low-pressure environments – A Peep was put right into a vacuum. Once the air started being sucked out of the container, the sweet began to develop to a a lot bigger dimension. When the vacuum was turned off, nonetheless, the Peep misplaced air and folded in on itself to resemble chewing gum. But it solely misplaced its form because it retained edibility (researchers ate it afterward). Conclusion: Shapeshifter.

Final conclusion: You determine!

Peeps are owned by the Pennsylvania-based Just Born Inc., which additionally makes Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike. Despite their affiliation with Easter, Peeps pop up at many holidays, together with Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

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