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AUGUSTA — Wherever Tiger Woods goes, the plenty comply with.

That a lot was evident from the second Woods walked out onto the course Thursday morning, to plentiful cheers and applause. It was his first aggressive spherical in 508 days, which was the final day of the 2020 Masters.

The five-time Masters champion had a stoic look on his face, not seeming to pay any consideration to the gang. The gallery across the first gap was packed, with these within the entrance having gotten to their spots over an hour beforehand to get an up-close view of Woods.

Several of the youthful ones within the crowd sat atop the older ones’ shoulders to get a greater view. After Woods’ driver rushed via the air and hit his first shot of the day, one fan could possibly be heard yelling, “Hit it in the hole, Tiger.”

Such is the lifetime of a Masters Tournament with Woods competing. Peter Reggi, from Illinois, stated the mass of individuals was “pretty typical.”

“Even his practice is this type of crowd,” Reggi stated.

Gabriel Ricketts, of San Francisco, stated he was excited to see Woods compete this week.

“Every time you see Tiger now, it could be the last time you’re ever going to see him, especially at Augusta,” Ricketts stated. “It’s a treat and a pleasure to be here.”

Robin Cruz, hailing from Atlanta, stated she was thrilled that Woods is enjoying on this Masters. While she described the gang as “thick,” she stated she did not have an excessive amount of hassle navigating via the onlookers.

Woods ended the day with 1-under-par 71. He stated afterwards that “the place was electric.”

“I hadn’t played like this since ’19 when I won because in ’20 we had COVID and we had no one here, and I didn’t play last year,” Woods stated. “So to have the patrons fully out and to have that type of energy out there was awesome to feel.”

Besides the gang, Woods caught the attention of at the very least one in every of his fellow contributors. Kevin Kisner, an Aiken native, was two teams forward of Woods. While Kisner did not actually discover the gang on the first tee for Woods as a result of he was locked in, Kisner stated he “heard one good roar that had to be him.”

“I just think it’s incredible what he’s done, taking that much time off and still competing in the Masters,” Kisner stated of Woods.

Daniel Berger, who was in Kisner’s group, stated he additionally did not actually discover the gang for Woods, however was glad to be a pair teams forward.

“If you are one or two ahead of him, then it’s always a struggle with people trying to run up to see him, but it’s great to have him back,” Berger stated. “We’re all excited about it.”

The Masters does not launch attendance figures, however there is not any doubt who the preferred participant is when Woods is on the course.

“I’m amazed that a person, a sports figure like Tiger can pull, I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands are here but they’re here to see him walk by and it’s pretty amazing,” stated Ricketts.

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