Tory MSP refuses to reply SEVEN instances about how he would resolve ScotRail dispute

A Tory MSP has refused to reply SEVEN instances about what his celebration would do to resolve the dispute between ScotRail and the Aslef union which is able to see about 700 providers lower.

Graham Simpson, MSP for Central Scotland and the Tories transport spokesperson, hit out on the SNP authorities for not participating with the drivers over the dispute.

However, when requested what he would do to repair the issue he refused to say what his stance or what the Tories needed to see change.

It got here after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon apologised to passengers forward of the introduction of a brief timetable.

The row centres round pay, nonetheless for the reason that begin of May ScotRail drivers have opted to not work extra time which has led to a whole lot of trains being cancelled.

Aslef, the prepare drivers union, balloted its members for industrial motion after refusing a 2.2% pay provide.

Services on the mainline between Glasgow and Edinburgh will probably be decreased to simply 30 every manner on weekdays – down from 45.

It comes simply weeks after the ScotRail franchise was introduced again beneath authorities management.

During an interview on the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme, Simpson was requested what he would do to repair the issue nonetheless he refused to supply an answer.

Here is the alternate between host Martin Geissler (MG) and Simpson (GS) in full:

Martin Geissler asks: “If you were in power, what would you be doing? Offering more money to the train drivers?”

Simpson replies: “Well, what what has to happen immediately is they need to get around the table. The Scottish Government needs to get around the table with the unions and sort this out.

“And to date Jenny Gilruth hasn’t been doing that. So the unions are exasperated by this. It’s price pointing on the market is not truly a dispute in the mean time. All that is occurring is the drivers aren’t engaged on their days off. We run a rail service throughout seven days, utterly reliant on folks engaged on their days off.”

MG : “Well, there’s a pay dispute as nicely. That’s been happening for years.”

GS : “There is a dispute however we’re not on the stage of business motion. The drivers are simply saying we simply do not fancy coming in on our days off. Now with the intention to resolve this the Scottish Government must get across the desk with the unions and begin speaking. And that is not even occurring.”

MG : “You make that sound extremely simple like they simply all sit down at a desk and so they shake fingers 10 minutes later and it will likely be sorted out. It’s not as simple as that. There are talks in the mean time.

“The Scottish Government aren’t in the room at the moment, but what would you be doing to resolve this dispute because it does seem fairly intractable.”

GS : “You just said it. They’re not even in the room. Get in the room, sit down. That isn’t difficult, Martin.”

MG : “What I’m asking you is what would your solution be to two sides who can’t find a middle ground at the moment?”

GS : “The solution in the short term is to start those discussions, and once you start those discussions we can start to get to a position where we’ll consort.”

MG : “It’s often said that opposition politics is the easiest job in the world unless you do the really difficult bit which is come up with an idea of your own.

“I’m attempting to discern from you this morning. What is your concept? What would you be taking into that room to attempt to discover a center floor on this?”

GS : “The purpose we’re on this place proper now could be as a result of the Scottish Government is not even speaking to the unions. It’s not troublesome to know this.”

MG : “Would you give the prepare drivers extra money?”

GS : “What must occur is they should have discussions.”

MG : “Yes, we have established that you just assume they need to discuss. Would you be in favour of the prepare drivers getting extra money than they’re being supplied in the mean time?”

GS : “I’m not saying how a lot prepare drivers needs to be paid. What I’m saying is the Scottish Government wants to begin speaking to the unions. They’re not even doing that.”

MG : “Do prepare drivers have a degree right here?”

GS : “The prepare drivers have a degree in that the federal government wants to begin speaking to them. They’re not doing that.”

MG : “Do the prepare drivers have a degree that they need greater than the two% they’re being supplied?”

GS : “The prepare drivers have to be talked to and that is not even occurring. Then we have to get extra drivers skilled. This will clear up it in the long run. We’ve at present received a scarcity of drivers.”

Geissler then said: “As far as I can collect from you. The Scottish Conservatives place is simply that the Scottish Government ought to get entangled. You do not know what they need to do once they get entangled, and you do not know whether or not or not the prepare drivers are proper in wanting extra money.

“The unions don’t want the Scottish Government to get involved. So I’m not sure that what we’re getting from you this morning is a way out of this crisis.”

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