Victims in St James triple murder identified

Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang says the St James police  are following strong leads into Saturday morning’s triple murder in the inner-city community of Norwood, St James.

Five other persons were shot and injured in the deadly attack which took place in the area which forms a part of the Zones of Special Operations (ZOSO) which was imposed in Norwood in June 2021.

The deceased have been identified as Damion Minto, 22, Lenroy Martin, 25, and Delano Spence all of Norwood, St James addresses.

Reports are that about 9:45 am, a group of persons was on the roadway along the Cherry Gardens section of Norwood when they were pouned upon by a group of men, armed with high powered, who opened fire hitting eight persons.

They were taken to hospital where Minto, Martin and Spence were pronounced dead.

The police are theorising that the triple murder was in relatiation for Friday night’s gunslaying of Devanto Lindo,  who was shot dead at his Cherry Gardens home at his home about 9:15 pm.

Hours after the attack Dr Chang, who is the Member of Parliament for St James North West visited the community which forms a part of his constituency.

ACP Clifford Chambers also led a team of police into the area.

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