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By Rob Duguay

The significance of an open mic as an incubator to a metropolis’s native music scene can by no means be neglected. Fairly typically, it’s the place the place a band begins and musical collaboration blossoms. That’s what occurred when Pawtucket singer-songwriter Joseph Reyes met Westport, MA musician Robert Gracia throughout pre-pandemic instances on the acclaimed Madcap Monday open mic, which passed off on a weekly foundation at Dusk on 301 Harris Avenue in Providence. Through the melding of those artistic minds, North Kingstown’s Luc Mailloux joined up on drums and Boston’s Dave Torres got here in on lead guitar to begin the band often called Violet Tempo. The first installment of their discography got here to be on August 4 after they self-released the EP titled A Living Work Of Fiction.

To make the report, the band labored with Clinton Lisboa on the Railroad Park Recording Company in Westport. They co-produced the entire thing with him whereas Lisboa additionally dealt with the engineering, mixing and mastering. This all resulted in capturing the wide selection of kinds Violet Tempo reveals between punk, reggae and rock.

“I think the record does a good job of showcasing our talent and skill at creating dope music,” Reyes says on the making of the EP. “It feels like it shows our style but also how we stray from our style and still make songs that sound good while being fun to dance to. It was a blast writing these songs with these gentlemen and I hope to have more fun and write a whole bunch with them. I also hope those who take the time to listen to the EP enjoy it as much as we had making it.”

“Before going into the studio, we had roughly twenty songs ready to record,“ Mailloux adds. “We checked out a bunch of studios, picked two to share our songs with and see which ones they wanted to record, so that everyone would be into every song we worked on. Even though they are unique from each other in style, the four songs are all rather safe in representing the big scope of genres we cover. Clinton is a magical wizard of the studio, watching him zip around the screen with dizzying speed was mesmerizing. Even working in such a way, the precision and care he took was evident throughout the whole process.”

An underlying significance going into the making of the report was the readiness and talent to adapt to tweaks and modifications on the fly. The expertise was a terrific one for the band and their cohesiveness proved to learn them through the endeavor.

“The process was also a proof of concept for us at individual levels, as it was both Joseph and Dave’s first time in a recording studio,” Mailloux mentions. “The strength of the band as a unit helped them, but ultimately it was a lesson on how being well-prepared and flexible with the engineering processes is needed. Especially with correcting for tuning imperfections with guitars or vocal phrasing. Robert knocked all of his parts out like a pro and made us all look bad (laughs). In reality, we all did really good, with the guys at Railroad Park commending us for our preparedness and adaptability.”

The album artwork made by native artist Johnny Doherty undoubtedly offers it away, however the primary theme that’s current inside the EP comes from Reyes’ fandom of superheroes and comedian books. The inspiration for “Leap Of Faith” got here after he watched the 2018 flick Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and the kinship he felt with the primary character Miles Morales because of the each of them having an Afro-Latino ethnic background. “Daredevil” takes Reyes’ love for the Marvel superhero Daredevil and places it towards the message of turning each impediment into a chance. The two different tracks deviate from the theme with “Be Still” inspecting Reyes’ life as a hopeless romantic and “Finish Line” exuding the inner celebration that comes with reaching private milestones. Overall, the EP has loads to supply the ears with an assortment of sounds and relatable lyrics.

If you’re a fan of each rock music and the artwork of songwriting, give it a stream and make a purchase order through the band’s Bandcamp web page at

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